Cherry Laurel- Prunus Laurocerasus Schipkaensis for Sale

Alue/Kaupunginosa: Canby, Or

Cherry Laurel Schientifically known as Prunus Laurocerasus Schipkaensis is one of the hardier laurels, also known as Schip Laurel which is the stellar narrow hedge for a variety of climates. 

Features - 

1. The hedge stays evergreen throughout the seasons
2. Dense foliage makes for an excellent compact hedge or privacy wall
3. The hedge is easy to prune and maintain
4. Tolerates many soil types
5. Grows in Shadier Environment

This Prunus Laurocerasus Schipkaensis available for sale at best prices from InstantHedge Oregon.

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Instanthedge is a wholesale hedge nursery based in Canby, OR. InstantHedge offers pre finished hedges for privacy and screening. Popular hedge varieties that we offer are beech, arborvitae, laurel, boxwood, maple etc.

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