Improve your English in a fun way !

👨‍🏫 English lessons with a qualified English teacher

🏅CELTA Qualified Teacher

✨ American accent

🏅Maltese Junior Chess Champion (twice)

🏅Advanced level in acting, Trinity College, London, UK

✈️Travelled to 30+ countries * lived in Malta for 12 years

M Y C O U R S E S ✅All courses will give you CONFIDENCE ✅All courses range from Pre-A1 to C2 ✅* Customized and carefully designed courses will be provided🌈🌠 * Efficient and effective personalized courses for you🎈🎉 * Extra learning material will be made available for later use. 🌟GENERAL ENGLISH CLASS🌟Talk about REAL life situations ️🌟Improve your pronunciation / accent / vocabulary ️🌟Give you feedback + corrections 🌟The courses will be structured as per your needs and preferences. 🌟You decide the content of your course 🌟 pdf files, videos, audios, ppt, and word documents will be used for teaching.🌟️ **********************

⚡⚡What you will get during the lessons 😊Friendly, relaxed environment 😊Time to speak a lot 😊Feedback (spoken and written) 😊Sentences, meanings and pronunciation will be written for you ⚡⚡ 🌟The courses will be structured as per your requirements. 🌟 A detailed explanation and focus on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and intonation. 🌟 I will help you bring out the best in you. 🌟 I will help you develop confidence in you. 🌟 I will focus on your strengths and weaknesses both so that you excel in both. 🌟 Friendly and calm atmosphere during the classes. 🌟 We will have lots of discussions so that you develop a sense of confidence in you. 🌟 I will always encourage you to be the best.🏆 Be more confident speaking like a native 🏆 Get notes from the class to review 🏆 UNLIMITED Reading, listening, writing material 🏆

Why choose me? 🔶 For visible and effective results. 🔶 For friendly and relaxed learning experience. 🔶 You can ask any questions you want and whenever you want. 🔶 I work for the overall development of my students. 🔶 My students are my priority and I give my 100% for your progress. 🌟Please contact me, to chat about how I can help you. 🌟As long as you have internet connection we can arrange lessons via Skype- didi10ro2 or you can email me at [...].

✨I look forward to helping you! ✨

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