Soc containers and Coc containers

SOC stands for Shippers Owned Containers while COC stands for Carrier Owned Containers. Both have their own pros and cons. SOC Containers are owned by an individual or business and used to ship cargoes without any involvement of a carrier or third party. It’s the shipper’s property and he can plan shipment on his own. While COC Containers are owned by carrier company and anybody using their boxes has to return the boxes to the carrier company before the allotted time or penalty is charged in return.

SOC Containers are Shippers Owned Containers which means they are owned by shippers. Shippers could be anyone- a freight forwarder, a consignee. It offers all the benefits that COC Containers fail to provide. supports you in acquiring SOC Containers knowing the innumerable benefits of it. With SOC comes the control over ownership, shipment, location, the transition time, etc. It is one of the best ways through which one can save on detention charges. At, interact with several international players and get your deal done at a very reasonable rate.

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