Hone your Corporate English communication skills

A la carte private business English as a second language training for professionals.


Choose excellence, do the right thing, step up your game, speak global and become unforgettable.


I work alongside senior global executives to help them promote themselves, communicate their uniqueness, added value and products/services.


Together, let’s set up a winning game plan to get your professional English to the next level and transpire confidence!

What you’ll learn:

1. Introduce your company, product and services

2. Business Communication (industry specific)

3. Presentation/speech

4. Technical writing/proofreading

5. Vocabulary and idioms

6. Telephone communication

7. Meetings

8. Customer interaction

9. Networking

10. Planning & negotiating


You’ll walk away with:


• A tailored strategy to communicate your added value and services

• Proficiency in the art of effective communication

• Expand your English vocabulary socially and professionally

• The confidence to manage any conversation in any situation to strengthen business relationships

• Improved capacity to actively listen, speak, write, present, negotiate and understand English in a professional setting.


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