Arabic Language Course Normal or Intensive

Arabic Language Course Normal or Intensive

This course provides basic familiarization with language and culture. Lessons are derived from situations likely to be encountered in everyday s life .This will prepare the Learners to overcome various types of barriers despite limited language skills by making use of essential linguistic and cultural knowledge.

No matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced we will provide you with the appropriate program which meets exactly with your needs.

We are pleased to provide the students with the right resources of one of the chosen Arabic to be studied (colloquial Local, gulf Arabic, modern standard or FusHa : Classical)

Our program is very good for those students with speaking is their immediate need .It is comprised of with fourteen units based on dialogues dealing with the different daily topics (introducing yourself, asking and understanding directions, booking a hotel room etc...) It is a very good program because all the dialogues are in transliteration and the student can start to speak Arabic right after the first lesson.

We also concentrate at the beginning on developing the listening skills since many intonations sound very similar to each other.

This methodology is very efficient for those who would like to learn fast how to speak and to use a survival Arabic (local Gulf dialect) since the classical methodology which starts with the Alphabet is very complicated for a beginner learner since each letter have four different shapes (initial, middle, end of the word and alone) if you know that there are twenty eight letters in the alphabet that makes life difficult.

We still teach the alphabet but in a later stage and using a different approach concentrating on developing the listening skills since many intonations sound very similar. Materials (books &worksheets etc....) are provided by the teacher and the price is included with the fees..Usually the session is one and a half hour (since one hour is too short and two hours are too much for the beginner student to learn and retain.)The teacher needs to travel to the student s place on his expenses. Thank you for your interest

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