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If your child taken without your consent, you may be able to apply for a recovery order. The Family Court of Western Australia may make a recovery order. The order made may require that your child be returned and direct the recovery of your child. The order may prevent a person from removing or taking your child.

If your child has gets taken it is important to act quickly and we recommend that you seek legal advice.

Child Recovery Perth – Return of a Child

A recovery order may require that your child gets returned to you if your child gets moved away without consent. The Court considers the best interests of the child. Research has shown that access to both parents is an important part of your child’s development.

Child Recovery Perth – Recovery of a Child

The Court may direct someone to search a vehicle, vessel or aircraft or premises to find your child. The court can direct a person to undertake this search and have them return your child to you.

Child Recovery Perth – Preventing Removal of a Child

A recovery order may prevent a person from removing or taking possession your child. The order may authorise a person to arrest your partner of attempt to relocate your child without permission again.

Family law matters can be complex. It is important to note that this is not legal advice. Speaking to our experienced Child Recovery Perth lawyers can help you in interpreting the law. We invite you to discuss your matter with our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker.

Prior to you first appointment, you may send us an email outlining your situation in as much detail as you like. This information will be pre-read at no charge prior to your first appointment with our Child Custody Perth lawyers.

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