How Can I Get a Home Loan If I am Self Employed?

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Being a self-employed if you are planning for a home loan in Brisbane and worried how can you get a home loan if you are self-employed, then here is the best guide to get rid of this question. There are some important things which you have to keep in mind while applying for a self-employed home loan.

Getting a Home Loan When You’re Self Employed

To get approve a self-employed home loan you may require to provide some documentation or proof to lenders. Every home loan lender has its own criteria for the loan, but normally, you will need a minimum of 5-20% of the property value saved as a deposit if you are self-employed. Most importantly you have to ensure that all existing loans and payments are up to date and met on time before applying for the next loan.

How Can I Get a Home Loan If I am Self Employed?

To get the best self-employed home loan you can contact the North Brisbane Home Loans team. NBHL is a leading mortgage broker with more than 90 years’ combined experience.

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