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KONCHECK, a product of KONZE Enterprises Pty Ltd, is a 100% online portal to conduct the Employment Police Checks on behalf of the applicant who wants to apply for a job.

Before some time, Police History Check was used to be done manually, which was time-taking due to the paper-form works and lacks accuracy. To solve this problem, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has accredited some third-party agents to conduct the Instant Police Checks.

KONCHECK is also an ACIC accredited site. Australia government has recommended the employers to perform Police checks before hiring candidates to decrease the possibility of crimes in the workplace.

A National Police Check is must in sectors like aged care, nursing or in health care where employees come in contact with aged, children or disabled people. Also, to have a driver accreditation, one may have to conduct the checks.

A police check is also needed for professional licensing or registration in industries like hospitality, mining.

KONCHECK delivers the certificate within 1-2 business days in case no potential matches are found. One can attain a police check certificate at a very low cost through this platform. -

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