Singapore Company Registration

As one of the most convenient countries for doing business in the world, and the headquarters of more than 600 local and foreign financial institutions, Singapore provides various convenient conditions for entrepreneurs to invest and start businesses.


Advantage of register company in Singapore:

1. Superior geographical location, commercial advantages radiating to southeast Asia and even the world, and excellent trade and logistics center;

2. Extremely low business and personal tax, the best place for the transfer of personal assets;

3. Loose foreign exchange control, the gathering place of global Banks and the leading international financial center;

4. mature credit system, strict business norms, the safest country to do business;

1. The purpose of immigration to Singapore can be achieved by registering a Singapore company by meeting the relevant conditions.


Documents required for Singapore company registration:

1.Company name

Usually Singapore company registration type is a private limited company, the English name of the company must end with "PTE LTD".

2. Registered capital:

The Singapore Companies Act stipulates that the minimum registered capital for a company to be established is SGD 50,000, and the paid-up capital starts from SGD 1.

3. Directors:

Singapore company must have at least two or more registered directors, one of whom must be a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident or holder of a work permit. Need to provide directors’ scanning copy of passport or ID card.

1. registered address:

Singapore companies must have a fixed business registered address.

2. Business Scope:

Singapore companies can choose up to 2 business items


What documents you will get after registration?

1. Business license;

2. Registration information (showing the date of establishment, registered capital, directors, secretary, time of annual report, etc.);

3. Certificate of shares;

4. Articles of association;

5. The first resolution document of the board of directors;

6. One rubber seal of Singapore company;

7. One steel seal of Singapore company;

8. First year business secretary service.


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