Hsk63-f Tool Holder Test Bars Calibration Arbor Rod for Spin


HSK63-F Tool Holder Test Bars Calibration Arbor Rod for Spindle Runout Testing

Spindle test bars are used in the machine automatic tool changer spindle to detect and benchmark spindle run out. Calibration arbor bars are a master for checking axis alignment with the machine or presetter spindle.

It is a precision measuring equipment for machine auto tool changer spindle maintenance, the HSK63F-D40-300L test bar runout less than 0.003mm.

Spindle runout test arbors are available in a number of shank configurations. Spindle calibration test rod are available in various lengths, and also in custom sizes.

Please tell the model and the length of the precision test bar your need.
All test bar arbors are supplied in a wooden frame to store safely, preventing distortion.
The largest cause of excessive tool wear and cutter bits breakage are directly caused from machine tool spindle runout as well as excessive slop or axial play. The spindle runout test bar can be used to test your CNC machine mills for accuracy and alignments, and also to ensure a stable production environment as well as consistency moving jobs from one machine to another.
Spindle runout test bars are easy to use and a fast way to verify your machine spindle is running properly. Check them after a machine has been crashed and take the proper steps before you start making scrap parts.
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