Handwriting books for preschoolers : Guide preschoolers


of handwriting: Line & Letter Tracing, Numbers, and Shapes, a complete workbook filled with huge fun. First-time writers' classroom study to reach a skill level with less helps of parents.


Handwriting Books For Preschoolers:

•    Learning & writing Alphabets is easy. Each example will help little sweets on how to write a letter following a line-guide. It will increase children’s imagination power while putting a letter before and after a ‘base letter’
(-D- = CDE). It is fun when using their thinking power around the letter ‘D’.

•    Learning &Writing Numbers is great when numerical tracing order is used to get it easy for writing for preschoolers. Each example of writing a number is a guide for self-study. The handwriting books for preschoolers persuade children to study by themselves.

•    Introducing to the different types of shapes and their names is extra fun. Knowing the names of the shapes is the preparation before knocking the classroom door, a taste of learning and writing in school at home.

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