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SP Colour & Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of Translucent Pigments. This unique category of white pigments is in the world of printing inks, distinguished by its remarkable ability to allow light to pass through, rather than reflecting it.  To visit our websites -

Frost/translucent pigments from AMP represent a role model shift in the printing industry. Unlike traditional white pigments that reflect light, these specialized pigments possess the remarkable quality of translucency. This transformative feature opens up new possibilities in design, offering a subtle and sophisticated touch to printed materials. Ideal for applications where a delicate, muted appearance is desired, these pigments create a visually stunning effect, allowing for a harmonious integration of printed elements with the surrounding environment. To know more about Frost/translucent pigments:-

SP Colour & Chemicals are manufactured through formulations, ensuring superior quality and performance. These frost/translucent pigments find versatile applications across various industries, including packaging, textiles, and specialty coatings. To learn more about it:-

SP Colour & Chemicals takes pride in fostering collaborative partnerships with clients. Our team works closely with customers to understand their specific requirements, offering tailored solutions that meet and exceed expectations. In the dynamic world of printing inks, AMP Pigments emerge as a beacon of innovation. Design your projects with the transformative power of frost/translucent pigments.  To know more about us visit -

Our contact Details- Domestic: +91 9990286664  International: +91 9310048024 

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