Mega Scan Pro

איזור/שכונה: Istanbul

Mega Scan Pro 2020 metal detector from Mega Locators - Germany with a new and distinctive version

with new programs and a new design for the magnetic sensor and carrying case of the device.

The power of the Mega Scan Pro 2020 comes from the availability of three search systems

with various techniques within the device, namely the long-range locator system, the ionic scanning system

and the magnetic system, so it  offers various search options for the user and prospector in his search

for gold and most precious metals.

The new Mega Scan Pro 2020 is an integrated multi-purpose device with ease of use

at the same time thanks to a simple graphical interface and preset search programs that include most

precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze as well as programs to discover diamonds and gemstones as well.

Mega Scan Pro 2020 metal detector is a recommended device for every prospector who wants the easiest way

to search for buried treasures buried deep underground at depths that the traditional metal detection devices

(electromagnetic devices) can’t reach.

Whatsapp : 00905074410706

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