Fellowship in Ivf and Reproductive Medicine


Since ICSI/IVF offers better outcomes it is a strategy for decision for most couples as it assists them with understanding their dream about having a child. That is the reason ICSI is one more expectation for these kinds of couples .The achievement rate for IVF-ICSI method is 70%-80%. This method permits the embryologists to choose the best quality sperm and egg for preparation. ICSI can likewise be utilized for male infertility as well as for ordinary IVF techniques.

These techniques can actually increase the success rates of curing male infertility. Due to these successful techniques many infertile couples have been visiting IVF clinics for these procedures. ICSI has become a popular technique among most of the infertile couples. Same, the demand for IVF clinics has increased manifold causing the demand for more ICSI-IVF Specialists across India.

Many institutions and online platforms have been introduced to provide the aspirants with correct learning courses and guidance to pursue their career in IVF and ICSI.

The Medicity is a leading online learning digital platform which provides the candidates with best reliable online courses for hands-on training and online sessions for the same. The medicity has collaborated with over 28+ hospitals and medical institutions and has introduced 245+ courses with over 3500+ students who have successfully completed their training courses through the medicity Gurgaon. Medicine has always been at the beck and call of all the desiring applicants to provide them with the best course of their type.

The medicity has been providing various courses for hands-on training courses in ICSI to the aspirants through various dignified institutions given by experts with long-term experience in this field.

Exploring more about ICSI Courses at The Medicity

The courses offered by ICSI give you a complete one-on-one training experience, and develop knowledge & skills in micromanipulation Instrument handling & operation.

The courses include Introduction to Lab, ICSI Lab Setup, disposables & equipment, Setting up micro-manipulator, and ICSI Technique and it also provides Hands-on practical experience like ICSI — Setup, ICSI procedure.

The course aims to provide you with an insight into indications for ICSI, Knowledge on the technical aspects of sperm preparation and oocyte preparation for ICSI, An introduction to the ICSI equipment set-up, including choice of microtools and troubleshooting, Hands-on training — step by step — in ICSI, An insight into quality control and quality management in an ICSI programme.

The following candidates are eligible for pursuing the following course: Lab technicians, clinical embryologists, research scientists with little or no ICSI experience wishing to learn the basics of the technique, BSC, MSC or any other life science background, BVSC, MVSC, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, MBBS, MD, MRCOG, FRCOG or any medical degree.


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