Shop flatweave rugs in dazzling colours & patterns from Rugs


What have you loved flatweave rugs for? Most of you would cite that they are not seasonal pieces and last all through the year. There is no doubt in flatweaves proving cosy during winters and light and breathable during summers, but if you ask us, we will highlight their power to liven up living rooms. Have you checked the collection at We are the owner of a wide range of colourful area rugs patterned with timeless stripes and sophisticated geometrics.

No matter which motifs dominate your setting, you are going to love the way our flatweaves would complement the setting. In corners, where there is a threat of neutrals going too heavy, vibrant flatweaves come off as saviours. Likewise, we have large rugs in Persian, Oriental, vintage, floral and retro styles if you like to explore more. Just visit us online and shop for rugs of your choice! We can promise you the cheapest rates here!


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