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Hello. This is iCON Relocation.

Our relocation services enable you or your employees to settle in the South Korea quickly and comfortably. (Busan, Ulsan and Seoul area)


We offer orientation tours and settle-in services that help you with the key challenges of moving countries. We can help you find a home, search for a suitable international school for your children, teach you about public transport and more.


Please see below about our relocation services.



-Orientation tour

Up to 6 hours’ drive around city to the client’s needs and requirements. Welcome pack with maps, information on residential areas, public transport, sport facilities, shopping centres, theatres and galleries, local attractions and more. Pre-arrival information on housing, infrastructure, residential areas and medical facilities. Advice on recreational and leisure activities, shopping, beauty salons. Discussion on cultural assimilation, work ethics and traditional aspects of life.


-Temporary accommodation booking

Client needs analysis. Temporary accommodation research and shortlist of up to four relevant properties. Provide prices and cancellation policies. Booking selected accommodation. Arrange date of access and key handover.


-School search

Introduction phone call for client needs analysis. Provide information on chosen international schools and check availability. Arrange up to four accompanied school visits. Advise and assist in providing documentation for registry requirements. Confirm enrolment to the school on behalf of the family.


-Accompanied home search

Accompanied viewings during business hours to up to 10 properties or up to 6 hours.


-Rent contract review and negotiation with licensed Realtor

Reviewing and advising on one rent and one reservation contract. Providing payment information summary, special agreement and translation service. Assuring of receiving original signed contract.



Coordinate the handover at the property. Checking the property condition. Review the handover protocol, walk through the property to confirm the protocol details, task for the Landlord to address the condition when no fixing is agreed/possible. Provide photos from handover as proof of the property condition.


<Settling in>

-Settle-in support

The service is customised to the client’s requirements, consisting of but not limited to: A welcome package, review of banking customs and assisting with bank account opening, accompany to arrange public transport permit, buying car, briefing on local matters such as driving and use of public transportation, inform about shopping fundamentals (groceries, appliances, furniture, restaurants), review of medical/dental facilities options, Introduce/recommend maid services. Up to 6 hours of support.


-Bank account opening

Providing a bank information brief. Contacting the chosen bank and verifying necessary documents. Booking an accompanied appointment to the bank.


-TV & Internet connection

Scan the market for available service providers for the chosen property. Provide the client with possible providers, services, prices and conditions. Contact one chosen provider and arrange the visit of a technician for set up and contract signing. On phone availability on the term of the technician visit to support communication.


-Transfer of utilities

Prepare required forms for the transfer. Sign for the landlord and the client and obtain a Power of Attorney if required. Submit the form to the provider. Follow up of acceptance and proper transfer to the tenant. Clarify payment instructions.


-Support with driving school coordination and South Korea drivers’ license

Inform the client about required documents and the procedure. Assess documents eligibility. Introduce the client to possible driving schools. Provide the client with possible down payment information. Arrange the first lesson. Following lessons to be communicated by the client.


-Moving service

Inform the client about overseas removal (household goods) quotations from multiple moving partnes.


-Rent extension

Review of the signed contract and amendments. Advise on extension options. Issue of extension amendment note.




-Rent termination

Review of the signed contract and amendments. Advise on termination options. Issue of contract termination note.


-Property handover

Arrange an accompanied handover meeting. Negotiate matters during handover.


-TV & Internet disconnection

Contract review with the provider. Advise on termination options and update on penalties. Issue of contract termination note and data on return of the modem.


-Cleaning coordination

Provide a suitable cleaning service and price list. Coordinate the cleaning visit.


-Return of deposit, follow-up and utility balance review

Communicate with the landlord with a reminder of the deposit return. Demand and review balance sheet of billing of utilities. Facilitate return of security deposit back to the client based on agreement.

Thank you for your time.

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