Camilla de Inversión - Hernia Discal sin Cirugía


The inversion table is one of the remedies to combat vertebral problems, tensions or muscular contractions in the back, being an ideal remedy to prevent vertebral compression, in addition to improving blood circulation.

Main benefits of the investment table:

1.- Disc rehydration

Herniated or degenerated discs along your spine may take time to heal, as they have limited access to blood, fluids and nutrients. Spinal decompression, which can be achieved through the use of an inversion table, creates a vacuum within the same disk. As an additional benefit, the vacuum improves blood flow and nutrients in the disc, due to this, the healing process is accelerated.

2.- Reduce the pressure on the nerves

Because gravity affects the spine, sometimes adjacent vertebrae exert a lot of vertical pressure on the tissue (the disc) between them, the disc protrudes outward and all the nerve cells that lie along the spine.

The pain is generated there and affects different parts of the body.

Spinal decompression through inversion contracts the disc in place, so it no longer affects the nerves of the spine. As a result, nerve pain is eradicated.

3.- Align the back and spine again.

Hundreds of ligaments and muscles stabilize the spine. These muscles also determine the amount of compression that each vertebra exerts on the discs.

Bad posture, prolonged periods of sitting, or rotation exercise, can cause the back to lose its alignment. To counteract this effect can be achieved with the use of the investment table.

4.- Relax the muscles

Studies show that the inversion table has a relaxing effect on the body.

In addition to other benefits such as:

•        improves return circulation, increasing irrigation to the brain and reducing the effort of the heart

•        relieve muscle, vertebral and disc pain

•        prevent cellulite and fluid retention

•        avoid varicose veins and hemorrhoids

•        reduce stress

•        reduces certain type of migraine and headaches

•        improves lymphatic circulation

•        improve body posture by increasing flexibility.


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