Great Strategic Investment Opportunity 巨大的战略投资机会:

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Sale of agricultural land (they have water and good climate all year round, for vegetables in high demand for export), industrial and real estate in cities in Peru, acquire properties in the Amazon Corridor from Port of Santos (Sao Paulo - Brazil) to the Mega Port of Chancay in Lima - Peru, which has been built by China and will open in November 2024 to carry cargo from South America to Continental China and will be the most important port in America overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Brazil - Peru interoceanic railway will be built, assembly plants for Chinese ByD cars and other industrial plants will be built. Invest US$7 million in land and construction and earn US$12 million. Invest US$52,500,000 in 15,000 agricultural hectares and earn US$75 million in a short time. We have more business and investment opportunities for you.

出售农业用地(全年有水,气候适宜,适合出口需求量大的蔬菜)、工业用地和秘鲁城市的房地产,收购从桑托斯港(巴西圣保罗)到秘鲁利马昌凯港的亚马逊走廊上的房产,昌凯港由中国建设,将于 2024 年 11 月开港,将货物从南美运往中国大陆,将成为美洲最重要的港口,俯瞰太平洋。将建设巴西-秘鲁跨洋铁路,建设中国汽车组装厂和其他工业厂房。在土地和建筑方面投资 700 万美元,赚取 1200 万美元。在 1.5 万公顷农业用地上投资 52-50 万美元,短时间内赚取 7500 万美元。我们为您提供更多商业和投资机会。

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