Unleash the power of new moLotus revenue generating models

Područje/Susjedstvo: Phoenix, Arizona, Usa

Curious about unlocking the full potential of your telco's advertising and consumer revenues? Look no further than moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform, the revolutionary force driving telecom innovation. Bid farewell to traditional revenue models!

Designed and developed by global mobile tech company Novosol, moLotus introduces pioneering features that not only captivate consumers but also boost your profitability. Engage customers through hyper-personalized, scalable, automated and interactive mobile advertising campaigns that transcend conventional limits. From profound customer insights to minimal costs per interaction, moLotus is the driving force behind a consumer revenue revolution in the telecom industry. No app, no data plan needed.

At the heart of the revenue game is Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), where moLotus emerges as your strong weapon. Telcos are already experiencing remarkable ARPU boosts ranging from 2% to a substantial 4% after integrating moLotus into their marketing strategies.

With moLotus, telcos can reach a wide audience by delivering video campaigns directly to customers' mobile devices. The platform ensures instant delivery, maximizing the chances of customers viewing the content promptly and increasing visibility.  Create interactive and visually appealing 40 sec. video content that captures customers' attention through interactive features like clickable links, SMS, USSD, mgram, and more boosting engagement levels and enhancing brand visibility. The marketing platform provides comprehensive tracking and analytics capabilities, for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.


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