Embrace a new way of cost reduction adopting new moLotus

Područje/Susjedstvo: Phoenix, Arizona

Are you overspending? Cost management for Telecom companies has been notoriously difficult, and time-consuming. But no longer! Take an innovative approach to cost management using moLotus digital transformation models.

Novosol, a global mobile technology company, has developed moLotus, a breakthrough mobile video customer interaction platform and transformation technology. Most modern telcos are entering into win-win partnerships with moLotus. They are digitizing their customer processes embracing moLotus breakthrough transformations; cutting costs by 30% or more.

moLotus makes quick revenues more achievable for telecom brands unifying the mobile transformation technology to customer processes. It is fast replacing voice-based contact centers and selling processes with automated mobile-based processes generating more leads, creating immediate offers and sales closures with greater efficiency, agility and cost savings.

The transformation technology simplifies customer processes, enhancing lead generation, customer acquisition, conversion, loyalty and retention. Telcos are reducing outbound costs including telemarketing, training, printing, distribution, compliance, etc. scaling ROI, ARPU and profits fast.


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