Esd access control system 2021

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ESD access control system

What is ESD access control system? ESD access control system is a new type of access control management system which combines human electrostatic test and access control channel management. The main components of the system are electrostatic test equipment, intelligent channel equipment, intelligent IC card (or fingerprint and other biological identification), and system management software.

ESD access control system has the functions of safe, effective, and orderly access control for the personnel in the access channel, and intelligent management such as testing whether the static electricity on the body is up to the standard; In order to achieve a safe and convenient working environment, it is recommended to use ESD access control system pedestrian turnstile gate from Mairs.

ESD access control system is used to detect the static electricity of the entry personnel before entering the anti-static work area. This system is an advanced product of human body static comprehensive tester (according to GJB 3007-97, SJ / T 10694-2006 and ANSI ESD s20.20 standards), static access control equipment, and computerized management software, which can ensure that the operators are ready for the correct protection of static electricity when entering the static protection area;

Combined with the turnstile gate as the control equipment of the people flows channel, according to the authority setting of the card, there are a variety of entry modes (hand test, shoe test, hand shoe on the same side, no test). The system can provide an orderly and civilized way for people to enter and exit, eliminate illegal entry and exit, and quickly control the opening of gates in case of emergency, and organize personnel evacuation.

Where to buy ESD Turnstile Gate?

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