Gold Stinger X5 – Find Gold & Coins & Relics  


Gold Stinger X5 – Find Gold & Coins & Relics  


Gold Stinger X5 metal detector from the American company Stinger Detectors is a new reliable metal detector designed with the latest metal detection technologies to provide the best performance in detecting underground targets at relatively greater depths compared to competing devices.


Gold Stinger X5 is a device for all novice prospectors with features for professional prospectors as well, including treasure hunters.


Gold Stinger X5 is a multi-purpose metal detector that used to find all kinds of metal targets including ancient coins, relics, jewelry, gold nuggets and even cavities like tunnels and hidden rooms.


Gold Stinger X5 delivers great performance based on real field test in various terrains, and soil types.


 The performance of the device in detecting different types of metal targets of different sizes, which manufactured from different types of metal, tested to test a set of useful features that meet the aspirations and needs of prospectors around the world.



Gold Stinger X5 Features List

- 3 detection modes suitable for various detection applications according to various factors, and these modes are:

1 - Discrimination mode: considered the best mode for gold prospecting and for the detection of buried treasures.


2 - All Metal Mode: The general mode used to detect all types of metals, and best used in detecting coins or hunting small relics

3 - Pinpointer Mode: This mode identifies and finds the exact location of potential buried targets while digging and gives an audio response through an audio tone through the speakers.

- Powerful metal discrimination feature through the Discrimination detection mode that provides target discrimination according to four categories, including gold - precious metals (non-ferrous) - non-precious metals (ferrous) – cavities (spaces)

- Graphical visual representation through curves or two-dimensional drawing on the screen of the signals captured in all detection modes

- ZB Filter that provides a more accurate and useful search by filtering out signal and sound interference in mineral and wet ground soils.

- Hot rocks option is useful for filtering and reducing the generated signals in order to obtain more accurate and reliable results and to avoid detection of worthless metal targets.

- Sensitivity setting option is useful for the prospector to control the signal reception field, so that the higher the sensitivity number, it provides additional depth of detection, allowing the prospector to detect gold, coins, objects and jewelry at a depth of 10%.

- The ability to estimate the depth of detected targets (available in all-metal mode) through a simple mechanism that displays the approximate depth of the detected target - for example a gold coin - on the screen in centimeters.

- Long operation time of up to 12 hours with a Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery and can be fully charged in less than 4 hours with the quick charge feature, while allowing for many hours of actual detection time.

- Graphical user interface and easy-to-use program available in multi languages

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