Tipping Point Communications

While you are the subject matter expert, we see ourselves as an advisor, or communications confidant, ready and willing to help you face the toughest obstacles, create the dialogue and celebrate the wins with you, together. Like many agencies, Tipping Point Communications have  worked on our fair share of clients from a wide range of industries, but we’ve found our affinity and expertise has focused on the healthcare, education, and attraction fields. While we will gladly, and still do serve a wide range of clients, we feel like those areas are our real sweet spot. If you’ve found yourself and/or your brand at a real Tipping Point, then you know who to call. We’ll be in your corner.

Address: 505 Ellicott Street, Suite 4A, Buffalo, NY 14203

Timing: Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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