Need help

We are a European homeless Muslim family(single mother with 2 children)stranded here in Bahrain and in a really hopeless situation,we can't leave from here because of house rent debt,immigration debts and much more.We have been the victims of robbery,they have stolen all our last belongings which we had left.
We have tryed by many ways to solve it but there isn't anyone who is willing to help us,unless it is taking misadvantage of our humble situation.More worse my 2 children are the real victims of all this misery,staying without any school education for a long time now.

For the sake of Allah who is bringing back the light in their life,now they are futureless.
Is there someone out there with a pure heart,pure intensions who is willing to help us
Please NO liars or smooth talkers respond to me.We are a homeless European family,everyone overhere is heartless and rude,not willing to help out with anything unless they can get out their own benefits out of it,rude and unhelpful.

Nancy Foxy
 Nancy Foxy
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