Supplies of press brake tools for bending

Precitools offers professional press brake tools supplies from Italy for the following press brakes (bending machines):

Accurl, ACL, Adira, AM Machinery, Ajial, Amada, Astrida, Augusta, Axial, Baykal, Beyeler, Blecken, Boschert, Bystronic, Cematek, CMU, CoastOne, Colgar, Colly, Darley (Safan-Darley), Dener Makina, Deratech, Durma, Edward Pearson, EHT, Ermaksan, Euromac, Femas, Feysama, Fratelli Farina, GADE, Gasparini, Gecko, Gelber Bieger, Gilardi, Gizelis, Guifil, HACO (Atlantic), Harsle, Hammerle, Hesse, Hezinger, Hilalsan, IMAL, Inanlar, Ironmac, ITEK, Jean Perrot, JFMI, JMT USA, Jordi, Jouanel, KAAST, Karmet, Kingsland, Knuth, Kruman, LoirSafe, LVD, Mebusa, Mecos, MVD INAN, Nargesa, OMAG, Peliant, Probend, Rico, RMT, Salvagnini, Safan, Schiavi, Schroder, SMD, STR, Tabama, Teda, TCI Cutting, Trumpf, Ursviken, UZMA, Vartek, Vicla, Vimercati, Warcom, Weinbrenner, Yangli, YSD etc.

We support press brake tool system as Promecam-EURO, Trumpf-WILA, Beyeler-Bystronic, LVD and many others, including the high-tonnage machines and applications.

We can offer tooling for our customers according to the competitors catalogs and geometry including the possibility to replace original tooling, length based on the system and usually used the same as for original tools.

We are able to supply punches, 1-V dies, 2-V dies, 4-V dies, Multi-V dies, intermediates for holders, clamps, die supports, hemming / flattening tools, Z-bending tooling, holders for PU dies and PU inserts, radius bending tooling, adapters, elongation adapters, and much more.

Materials of production: C45, C45 hardened, 42CrMo4. All tooling have working surfaces with the professional hardening.

All the production is in Italy, we offer only high quality tools manufactured with the highly standards. Quick delivery for all EU-countries and abroad.

We are able to consult our customers according to any bending request, special tooling and applications, special high tonnage tools, provide the drawings of bending and sequence program to bend the part.

We are able to offer special conditions and prices for supplies of tooling for new press brakes to provide the complete key-turn solution including the tooling and technology for your bending applications.

All the brands, machines, manufacturers and trademarks are used only for the information, are not connected with PRECITOOLS and are property of their respected owners.

This is promotional classified / ad, no any obligations. For any details contact us.

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