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Despite the fact that the early signs of infection frequently appear during the first two months, HIV symptoms vary from person to person. As a common response to the sickness, the majority of patients, but not all, will experience severe flu-like symptoms. The "seroconversion" phase is what we refer to as this stage.

Right now, it's crucial to determine whether HIV is the cause because your viral load is fairly high and you run a higher risk of infecting others.


•             Fever

•             Headache and Fatigue

•             Lymph Nodes Swelling, Muscle Aches, and Joint Pain

•             Rash on the Skin

•             Diarrhoea and Vomiting

•             Dry Cough and a Sore Throat

•             Sweats at Night


CD4 cells, commonly known as T cells in the immune system, are harmed by HIV. Your body struggles to fight off infections without CD4 cells. As a result, you have a higher probability of becoming really unwell from illnesses that would otherwise be dismissed.

You may have AIDS if you have a number of unusual illnesses (also known as opportunistic infections), malignancies, or if you lose a certain percentage of CD4 cells. This happens around ten years after you develop HIV if you don't get treatment. Treatment may be able to postpone or stop the onset of AIDS.



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