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Limra Ambulance Service is a forerunner in Jodhpur’s ambulance services. It has established itself as the most trusted private ambulance service in Jodhpur. thanks to its unmatched services and round-the-clock client service. Ambulance Services in Jodhpur We provide a full range of services to individuals. from air ambulance services to outstation ambulance services. and from dead body ambulance services to an ambulance with a freezer box.


We thrive at providing our customers with prompt. And dependable ambulance service at affordable prices. Our team of skilled caregivers excels at providing superior in-home. Nursing care for infants. children, elders, and mentally handicapped patients. Our ambulances are outfitting with the most up-to-date medical technology to provide.




Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Staffing for. ALS vehicles are at the advanced life support level. Our ALS ambulances are driving by qualified and trained personnel. And they are equipping with the medical equipment needed to stabilize treat. and transport patients to a hospital emergency room. cath lab, trauma center, or interfacility transfer.


Basic Life Support Ambulance Service


Basic Life Support (BLS) is a service provided by Ambulance Service for patients. Ambulance Services in Jodhpur who need medical transportation as well as ongoing medical care and monitoring. Every BLS ambulance is staffing by emergency medical technicians. (EMTs), who is training to make treatment decisions? The following are examples of BLS transport scenarios:


Air Ambulance Service


The private charter plane, jet airlines, and commercial airlines medical evacuation. Service facilities provide one of the most cost-effective and exclusive transparent. bed-to-bed emergency services in India.

The private charter plane, jet airlines. one of the most cost-effective and exclusive transparent bed-to-bed emergency services in India.


Mortuary Ambulance Service


Limra Ambulance Service is a private organization. that provides mortuary van services throughout India. It is a leading provider of Mortuary Van services in India. The freezer in the mortuary van aids in the preservation. of dead bodies during long-distance. transportation by preventing decomposition. Limra Ambulance Service offers a very low-cost mortuary Road ambulance service.


Patient Transport Service (PTS) is a non-emergency transportation service for persons. who may need special help going to and from their medical appointments. Patients from all over India can enjoy our services. Ambulance Services in Jodhpur Because of your eligibility for transportation based on your individual needs. Medical condition, and mobility you must first meet the eligibility. criteria set out by our local commissioners.


Limra Ambulance Service provides excellent care throughout. in a wide range of conditions. including automobile accidents, heart attacks, Covid-19, and fast hospital transport for any emergency. Please contact us if you need an ambulance.


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