The Real Platelet Booster

ár: 396 INR/Day/Night

The G-don plus is exceptionally effective in treating dengue. It has extracts of Carica Papaya and Tinospora Cordifolia which helps in boosting platelets. It cools our physique from the high-temperature upward push all through viral infection. It relieves signs and symptoms of the disease & Regulates hematopoietic system. It also has goat milk extract and vitamin-E which also have some major health benefits such as reducing high blood cholesterol level and maintaining healthy skin routine and strengthening the body's defence against sickness and infection (the immune system).


How G-don plus helps in Dengue fever: 

  •  Increases the platelets count.
  • Highly effective in dengue.
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces fever & infections
  • Vitamin E promotes early recovery
  • It is a nutraceutical remedy &
  • Has no sick consequences
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