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This course is for complete beginners, specifically tailored for children aged five to six in the final year of kindergarten or the first year of primary school. Starting this course does not require the ability to read and write. The course is online, there is no need for additional materials. It is structured for self-learning.

Course Outline:
Target Audience: Children in the final year of kindergarten or the first year of primary school.
Learning Approach: Tailored to children's language abilities, the course begins by acquainting students with English sounds and their corresponding letter representations which progresses to reading proficiency.  The course develops reading and listening comprehension while enhancing pronunciation.

Development Stages:
Initial Stage: The initial stage is modelled after natural language acquisition. The students engage with visuals and auditory exercises. Students start learning the language by observing pictures, listening, and pronouncing words. Practice encompasses all English sounds, transitioning from words to phrases and eventually sentences.
Progression: Upon mastering all English sounds, the course advances to reading in English. Focus shifts to sound-letter relationships, nurturing phonemic and phonological awareness for reading proficiency.
Advanced Progression: Once adept at reading, attention turns to grammatical structures. Emphasis is placed on sentence construction, enhancing grammatical awareness and fluency. Exercises integrate crucial English tenses for comprehensive learning. 
Course Culmination: Covers essential topics using the most commonly used tenses, providing a holistic understanding of English language essentials.

Course Features:
Self-paced Learning: Students can proceed at their own pace, spending ample time on each exercise.
Mistake-fix Learning: Encouragement for learning from mistakes, with immediate feedback to facilitate correct understanding.
Flexible Revisiting: Students can revisit exercises multiple times, reinforcing comprehension.
Final Objective: Our primary aim is to empower kids to develop effective learning strategies and take control of their own learning. 
Our online English language learning course for kids costs 12 euros monthly, allowing students to learn at their own pace, without limitations on the amount they can learn. Use coupon code SLE! and get 50% off for the first two months of your subscription!




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