Get Tunnel Lift Jumbo Bags for Construction Industry

The Tunnel Lift Jumbo Bags are particularly popular in the construction sector. These bags offer ease of handling and storage of material such as sand, gravel, etc. with a forklift machine and minimal manual labour.

Tunnel Lift FIBC has two continuous tunnels along the top. The forks of a forklift truck can readily engage into these tunnels, making it convenient for just the truck operator to handle the jumbo bag. In addition to these tunnels, these bags also have standard corner loops. The Tunnel Lift Bulk Bags has many features like Cost Effectiveness, Capacity and Safety Factor and can be personalized as per your requirements.

Tunnel Lift FIBCs can be a cost-effective advertising medium for your brand. Get colorful bulk bags for aesthetics, and get your logo printed on the fabric to promote your brand. 

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