premium cotton bed sheets from coming untucked


We love this question because it’s the one that started it all at Kitelinens. Our Stay-Tucked Sheets are the answer to making your bed quicker and keeping your bed sheets neatly in place.

We found that sheet tucking every single morning is boring and repetitive – who wants to spend their limited and important morning time doing that sort of repetitive task?

Maybe you’ve had this realization too. Maybe after years of tucking and lifting your mattress every morning, you’ve lost the motivation to keep making your bed. Maybe you’ve even tried to tell yourself you’ll stay in one position all night so you don’t move your regular top sheet out of place. That never works!  Maybe you’ve even ditched using your regular top sheet altogether to avoid having to bother with more tucking in the morning.

Regardless of what you’ve tried to keep regular top sheets tucked in and avoid having to make your bed every morning, most people agree that daily bed making is one of the best habits to have. After all, make your bed, change the world! On one hand, a well-made bed is satisfying. A well-made bed sets you up for a productive, organized day. Plus, it just makes your bedroom look neat and complete.

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