Scale your revenues & product usage via moLotus

Area/Tetangga: Austin, Texas, Usa

Finding it challenging to boost profits and product usages? Banks and other financial organizations often suffer from lack of resources and rising competition. How to make a headway? To upscale your banking revenues and promote product usages you need a real mobile advertising platform and transformation technology.

moLotus is an innovative mobile video customer interaction platform developed & owned by Novosol, a global mobile tech brand that is assisting banking enterprises in large scale product revenue generation.

Global banking and financial institutions are fast building on the digital banking momentum with moLotus which is digitally disrupting banking processes; influencing customer preferences, acquisition, onboarding, engagement, loyalty, retention, and revenue generation. No app, no data plans involved!

moLotus has opened up new product revenue generation opportunities for banking enterprises through promotion of deposit drives, credit card usages, loan approvals, insurance, and retail transactions. It is spam-free, grabs instant attention, enables almost zero-cost customer interaction and ensures rapid returns. Connect with us immediately to know more about moLotus and its benefits for your banking business.

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