Essential Fly Screen Caring Tips

Area/Tetangga: Clayton South

Fly Screens not only allow a cool breeze and sunlight in your home but also help keep all the pesky bugs and pests at bay. With simple maintenance and care of fly screens, they'll continue to look and function at their very best. 

1.  To maintain fly screens, clean them every 3 months

  • For mess-free cleaning, if possible remove it or place a few towels below the fly screen to absorb water
  • Spray water to remove any built-up dirt or debris
  • In a bucket of warm water, add some soap and use this mixture to gently wash the surface
  • Wash with fresh water and let it dry 

2.   Don't use any harmful chemicals or equipment like stainless-steel sponges. 

3.  While cleaning, you feel that your fly screens are worn out, connect with AAA Security doors for tailor-made fly screens. 

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