Learn about Latin American gastronomy

Harga: 9 GBP/Per tahun
Area/Tetangga: Colombia

Course where you will learn about the gastronomy and history of countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, among others.
Latin America is a magical place full of very happy and friendly people who despite the difficulties always show a smile to the world, but it is also a place full of history and with a very varied and vast gastronomy, in this space I show you everything about this special land and you will learn from the best recipes and the best of Latin history in one place and not only that this is one of the cheapest courses in the world of Hotmart in your language and with a very interesting content, so today I challenge you to make this trip to my land from the comfort of your home be a great adventurer and show what you are made of and you just have to click.

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