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Aircraft cleaning mop head wholesale Aero cleaning mop from life nano factory

Washing aircraft is not only make it clean again after service, but also reduce the amount of corrosion occurring in the airframe. Another most important, safety aspect is that of an opportunity for a thorough inspection. While washing, one can carefully inspect the airframe for impact damage, degradation to seals and plastic components, loose fittings and fastenings and other potential problems. so it is important to wash an aircraft correctly and successfully

Using the right cleaning product will arrest existing corrosion and prevent new corrosion from occurring. High tech foam brush is always the preferred products of cleaning an aircraft. This mop designed for washing aircraft ,it adopt high-density technology foam composite polyester fabric pads. you can clean a much larger area faster, with less effort,it is easier eliminating stubborn stains without cleaner, reduces the time to clean an aircraft.
High tech foam brush mop is an revolutionary mop, it makes washing effortless and can get those stubborn stains out at once. It can easily remove dirt, grime, oils, hydraulic fluid and other soils,allows washing aircraft to be completed effortlessly.It is our most popular aircraft detailing products and applied to airports such as China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shanghai Eastern Airlines and Beijing Daxing and so on. They work so well  when trying to wipe away stubborn dirt and stains. We also have other airplane cleaning supplies too, including durable magic sponge pad and more. Life nano provide OEM quantity and size according to customer requirements. More details on

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