Valve For Bosch Piezoelectric Injectors 31#


Valve For Bosch Piezoelectric Injectors 31#

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contact: Ms doney,+8613655929624,doney(at)

As China top quality supplier in the field of Diesel Fuel Injection Spare Parts, CHINA-LUTONG is famous in brand of its quality control and good aftermarket service. We are devoted to give customer best business experience from our quality, service and customer value philosophy.


Origin: China

Monthly production: 80000 pcs

Certificaion: ISO9001:2015

Gurantee: 6 months 

Lead time:3-5 days for available types

Packaging:neutrual packaging or clients self-owned brand

Payment methods:Wire Transfer,PayPal,Western Union


China lutong parts plant in addition to displaying traditional VE pump Parts, Such as injection pump head & rotor, fuel injector, plunger, control valve , feed pump,  cam disk, pencil nozzle. We will also showcase our newly developed common rail system components and equipment.

John Deere Fuel Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Limiter

Pressure Limiter Common Rail

Pressure Limiter Diesel

Pressure Limiting Valve Common Rail

Pressure Limiting Valve Cummins

Pressure Relief Valve Common Rail

Pressure Relief Valve Cummins

Pressure Relief Valve Dodge Cummins

Pressure Relief Valve For Fuel

Rail Pressure Limiter

Rail Pressure Limiter Valve

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