Chinese Dragon-shaped Lantern

Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. ,Chinese lantern manufacturer, originated from the Zigong Lantern Festival. Committed to spreading Chinese traditional culture and sharing the lantern culture of hometown with friends from all over the world. The company's production base is located in Da'an District, Zigong, and a branch has been established in Guangzhou. The company focuses on the production of various festive lanterns, dragon boat, snowing lantern, street lantern light and landscape sculpture products and has a stable art design team and construction team to provide customers with high-quality lanterns. Provide customers with services such as lighting exhibition consulting, design, production, customization, and exhibition.

The Chinese lantern dragon  /  dragon lantern is one of the cultural symbols of China. It is very popular among the Chinese people, so the dragon lantern is always the most eye-catching in the Chinese dragon light festival  /  dragon lantern festival  /  dragon lights festival. Dragon lantern production process requirements are high, time-consuming. Generally, a dragon lantern covers an area of 40 meters -200 meters long, so the dragon lantern gives a person's feeling is magnificent, magnificent. Dragon lantern products include dragon lantern sales in most different cultures. You will fall in love with traditional Chinese dragon lantern products, while western dragons can stimulate your curiosity.

Specifications of Chinese Dragon-shaped lantern

Material:    Steel frame, Silk Fabric, LED Bulb
Size:    Regular or Customized Size
Power:    110/220 V
AC 50/60HZ
Advantage:    Waterproof, sunproof, non-poisonous
Warranty:    12 Months
Packing:    Bubble Wrap
Shipment:    25~30 days after payment

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