Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing a Letter Of Credit

What Is A Letter Of Credit?

A letter of credit is a legal, written document that guarantees the buyer’s timely & full-fledged payment to the sellers. The buyer’s bank issues it to compensate the seller if the buyer defaults or cannot pay the seller. In such cases, the bank covers the full or remaining amount on behalf of the buyer.

In other words, an international letter of credit service is a legally-binding finance instrument issued by a bank or trade finance institution to ensure on-time payments for the goods received on behalf of the buyer. It is also known as a Documentary Credit, where if any buyer fails to perform their due obligation, the bank pays the seller on behalf of the buyer, who then repays the bank later.

Issuance of a letter of credit helps reduce the payment failure risk for the seller as it shifts from the buyer to the bank. On the other hand, it also allows the buyer to make an early payment to the seller, improving his credibility in the market. 

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