What is Kong Posh

Area/Tetangga: Petaling Jaya


  ·         In Kashmiri SAFFRON is called KONG and POSH is called FLOWER

 ·         Saffron is valued for its COLOR, TASTE and AROMA

   ·         Saffron is Considered  RED GOLD of KASHMIR

  ·         Production of SAFFRON in District PULWAMA Tehsil PAMPORE

  ·         16,000 Families are Directly involved in 226 Villages in  KASHMIR to Grow  SAFFRON

   ·         165,000  Handpicked SAFFRON flowers + 400 Hours of Handwork = 1 kg of DRIED SAFFRON

  ·         Labour- intensive process and  the delicacy of the bloom make SAFFRON the World’s Most EXPENSIVE SPICE

 ·         The best SAFFRON has a DEEP RED COLOR, a honey like AROMA with a MUSKY EARTHY TASTE

  ·         Always KEEP it in a COOL, DARK and DRY place

  ·         For best user of KONG POSH Saffron Soak it into water for 45 minutes and add this water in the dishes or your tea

  ·         At the end of cooking or the process you want to use it for, Add Saffron at the last process



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