🔥 French Single Man for Female Expat/Tourist 💕

My respects, Dear expatriating/travelling Madam.

😍 🌹

My name is Symo, an over 30-year-old single man living in the French town of Magnanville [admin department: 78].

👨 ♈ 🌳 🏡

I am a home wellness practitioner, and I have, among other things, a great interest in international cinema, personal development and vintage automobiles.

🌺 📺 📚 🚗

My sole motivation is to find a young-minded woman. Here are her main features: emotional generosity, moral freedom, normal libido, cultural openness, current loneliness.

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Our relationship would consist of an original complicity, that is to say a quality affair in which we could be both friends and lovers without all the implications of a typical couple.


Please note that even a very significant age gap between us would delight me greatly. As you know, there is no accounting for taste.


Could you be the one I covet? It is up to you to let me know... 💭 💋




About me: 1m76 and 65kg. Straight.


Write to me dear friend...


To correspond with me: drop me a message.


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