US Native English Speaking Teacher

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15 years experience
Utilize a dynamic teaching syllabus that combines rigid teaching norms with traditional American customs and values.
Firstly, the lessons are set to drive scholars to not just meet, but exceed their objectives.
Secondly, the private specialized lessons are taylor made to your requirements and are provided within the comfort of your home or office, under a fixed or flexible schedule.
That way you do not have to commute to an institute or language center, which could be a bit far, besides possibly being a tad overcrowded; since those lessons normally include a mid to large number of students. Hence, you do not receive a specialized lesson.
Thirdly, the focus of the methodology is based on target grammar and vocabulary, which are taught under practical living situations that one would find in typical English speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada and the countries of the Commonwealth.
Lastly, the lessons concentrate on key words through dialogues and highly attentive linguistic exercises; such as being able to correctly ask and respond to reading, writing, listening and speaking questions.
Hence, you take on your new language in the same manner as you did your first
- With Natural Ease.
For more information, send me a message via this medium or by WhatsApp and I'd be elated to respond to your questions and comments.
George Roman
US Native English Speaking Language Consultant and Methodology Specialist
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