Oil painting - Hein Hoppmann - grachten of nederland


Hein Hoppmann (1901-1982)

Born in Rheinberg, Germany, Hein Hoppmann exhibited an early fascination for painting ... as early as age 10. He attended the German School of Fine Arts in Berlin and the Academy of Fine Arts, also in Berlin. He studied oil painting with a palette knife under Michi Bibi in Munich. He went on to have exhibitions in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam and New York. His first exhibitions around 1922 were comprised of drawings and watercolors. From 1937 on, he only used the palette knife technique. His subjects were numerous: landscapes, architecture, cities, ships, ports, workers, musicians, interiors, old men, etc.

Painting dimensions with frame: 91 x 77 cm

Painting without frame: 79 x 59 cm

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