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(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):


Introduction to ESB

  • Course Agenda
  • Mulesoft overview?
  • What is Orchestration and Introduction to Anypoint Platform


Mule Basics

  • Understanding how mule flow works flow internally
  • Mule Events and processor
  • Loggers in Mulesoft
  • Debug Mule applications
  • Read and write message payloads, properties, and variables using the Mule Expression Language
  • Structure Mule applications using flows, subflows, in-memorymessage queues, properties files, and configuration files
  • Create and reference flows and subflows
  • Encapsulate global elements in a separate configuration file
  • Explore the files and folder structure of a Mule project


Introducing API-led connectivity and application networks

  • System Layer
  • Process Layer
  • Experience Layer
  • Role of Mulesoft in API-Led Connectivity


Designing API’s

  • Define an API with RAML, the Restful API Modeling Language
  • Mock an API to test its design before it is built
  • Create a portal for developers to learn how to use an API
  • Make an API discoverable by adding it to the private Exchange


Standalone Deployments

  • StandAlone deployment
  • Introducing API-led connectivity and application networks
  • Understanding Web Services
  • Calling RESTful web services
  • Building Successful APIs


Consuming REST and SOAP Webservices

  • Consuming Restful services
  • RAML Basics
  • Consuming Restful Webservice with RAML Definition
  • Consuming SOAP Webservice using Webservice Consumer


Using Database Endpoint,

  • Using Database end point
  • Integrate with DB2 Database
  • Integrate with Oracle Database


Integration with CRM Applications

  • Using salsforce end point
  • Integrate with salesforce system


Externalizing properties and Domains

  • Externalizing configuration and migrating between environments
  • Sharing Configuration among multiple applications using domains


Using File End point and JMS endpoint

  • Using File Endpoint
  • Using JMS endpoint


Implementing Splitter Aggregator Pattern and Tuning Performance


  • DataWeave Basics
  • Complex transformations using dataweave
  • Writing DataWeave Transformations


Handling Exceptions in mule

  • Describe the different types of exception strategies
  • Handle messaging exceptions in flows
  • Create and use global exception handlers
  • Specify a global default exception strategy


Testing Mule flows using JUNIT and MUNIT

  • Starting Mule from Java Code
  • Functional Testing of flows using JUNIT
  • Testing using MUNIT


Filters and Entrypoint resolvers

  • Using Filters
  • Expression Filters


Hands on Training with real time scenarios

Real Time Projects for practice

Mulesoft Course Material

Mulesoft Interview Questions.


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