Outpost Raw Dog Food

We believe in grain free, preservative free, 100% natural, wholesome and raw dog food. Located in Vancouver, BC, we deliver straight from our farm to your dog’s bowl. We craft every meal in small batches to ensure maximum nutrient retention. 

We care about the health of your pet as much as you do. We understand that they’re a part of your family and deserve to eat the most nutritious food you can provide them to ensure they live a long happy life.

  If you wouldn't eat it, why feed it to your pet? Farm to bowl means that our raw pet food recipes are free from grains, preservatives, and any fillers. It's just 100% all-natural raw ingredients that your furry friend will love.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional level of customer service to customers by ensuring their dogs and cats are provided with real, nutritional raw pet food while ensuring we maintain a minimal environmental impact. This is accomplished by responsibly sourcing our ingredients from local farmers whenever possible and not wasting plastic by wrapping each meal individually.

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