Where to Buy Affordable Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors

Zona/Quartiere: Quebec, Canada

The snowbird season is here. Are you ready to travel without worries and enjoy your stay in a warmer country? Besides your itinerary and essentials, don't go anywhere without travel medical insurance.

Medipac Travel Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance packages that can be customised to suit the travel security needs of Canadian families, snowbirds and senior travellers:

1. Travel Medical Insurance - This plan covers most controlled pre-existing medical conditions and can be availed of by seniors and travellers going on a short-term or long-term trip. 

2. Annual Travel Insurance Plan - Ideal for travellers with multiple trips in a year, seniors and snowbirds can purchase this plan to save up on resources and pay for a single insurance coverage for all their trips (each trip not exceeding 23 days).

3. Trip Cancellation Insurance - This travel insurance plan is available in all kinds of Medipac trip plan (both short-term and long-term). 

For more information about Medipac's travel insurance packages, please visit www.medipac.com. 

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