Stretch Technology

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SUNGOD has recently developed new products based on Stretch Technology.


It combines the synthetic stretch fabrics with bi-component based on expanded PTFE porous membrane and through special lamination processing forming the stretchable laminated fabric, offering basically high breathability and waterproofness, but also high stretch and recoverable property.


It is suggested to be used at the joint part like shoulder, oxter, elbow. It allows the wearer to act more comfortably and flexibly, which effectively helps the wearer maintain passion and concentration for work, mission, or sports.


Features of Stretch Technology

Durable waterproof & breathable


Highly elastic and recoverable property, increase movement freedom


Abrasion resistance

Resistant to DEET/oil contamination


SUNGOD Technology is a nanoporous PTFE membrane manufacturer with headquarter in Shanghai China. Major business in professional & tender (military, police, fire fighting, workwear, medical), offering tailor-made membrane with unparalleled comfort & protection in the widest range of conditions. Also, possess high tech lamination lines to provide performance functional protective textile turnkey solutions.


High tech PTFE membrane builds with 9 billion nanoscopic pores per square inches that work instantly to vent out sweat vapor which generates inside of your gear when you perform. Make dry and comfort in the widest range of conditions. Resulting of critical difference to traditional non-porous film solution. The nano porous direct vent dry system have your sweat vapor vent out without multi-step process and free of wet feeling inside skin.

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