Virtual Spanish Lessons or In Medellin, Colombia

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My Spanish Online Lessons or my Lessons Face to Face (in Medellin, Colombia) are tailor-made to reach your goals.  These fully integrated lessons have a practical focus and include a wide range of interactive printed pages and online exercises for you to do online.

My approach is the Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) demonstrated as the most powerful and modern methodology for learning languages. In my method, I also combine: Cultural Constructivism, Emotional and Executive Intelligences, and Internal Game techniques.


·       My program brings a qualified and dynamic private teacher right into your home or office.

·       Flexible Spanish Classes. Learn Spanish wherever you want, whenever you want, so you save time and money.

·       Latin American Spanish. Books can help you learn; however, only with native teacher you will be able to achieve best quality. It is internationally recognized that the Spanish in Colombia is one of the best.

·       A native and teacher who is also a writer. Author of 6 books and 10 blogs. You will have a good time while learning.

·       10 years of experience teaching at the University EAFIT provides an excellent method.

·       Students study this program because they acquire the language in an easy, effective, fun and fast way. 

·       Spanish for all purposes.  Beginner, advanced or with specific purposes.

·       Learning Material Provided. All the teaching material will be provided to you.

·       The variety of resources (videos, documents, updated Web links, audio material) make students find interesting every lesson.

·       Dynamic classes. Conversation, grammar, reading, cultural issues, humor, topics for discussion, news, give the context of the actual use of language.

·       In my lessons you not only learn current Spanish, but you will also discover many things surrounding the language, its customs and Hispanic culture and literature.


For lessons via Skype -in case you live in USA- you just use with (belongs to PayPal) or transfer to Bank of America (Zelle app).

In case you live in Europe you can transfer with Xoom.

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