Coin operate self-serve dog wash

Prezzo: KRW 5.990.000

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M&J Self Serve Dog Wash


Product No. : MJ-DW

Start Operation : Inserting minimum start credit by coin/note

Control : 7" Touch screen control

Body : White galvanized steel / Poly-carbonate / ABS / Anodized aluminium

Characteristics :

Auto tub clean system, Customization of pump operation settings, Simple time and start credit setup, Significant blow dry nozzle.

Delivery :

It will be delivered separately in 3 parts for easy installation without using forklift.

Functions :
1. Wash bay disinfectant
Sterilize the wash area for your pets' health and hygiene.
2. Shampoo Wash
Wash pets with shampoo formulated for a silky healthy shiny coat and pleasant aroma.
3. Conditioner Wash
Wash pets with conditioner formulated for a soft healthy shiny coat and pleasant fresh smell.
4. Clean Rinse
A clean, fresh water cycle to thoroughly rinse your pets' coat.
5. Flea Eradicator
A special formulation rinse to wash away fleas.
6. Blow Dry
A blast of comfortable warm air to dry pet.
7. Tubor Blow dry
A super turbo blast of air to quickly dry pet even have long hairs.
8. Emergency Stop
Stop all functions in emergency situation.
+. Auto tub clean system
Clean the tub with high pressure water jets automatically after finish washing pet.

Options that you can change :

1. Change touch screen sizes (7” -> 10”)
2. Add coin acceptor
3. Larger water heater (30L -> 50L)
4. Print and attach your own design stickers in the factory
5. Bigger tub (1200 x 600 -> 2400 x 600)
6. Stainless body (Colored steel plate -> Stainless plate)

-Additional costs will be charged-


Power : 220V or 110V

Power Consumption : 2.7 – 3.0 Kw
W x H x D (mm) : 1880 x 1800 x 600
Control : Touch screen control
Constant pumps : 270 – 550ml/min (Silicon tube)
Software : 24VDC

Structure : 3 separation structure
Water Heater 30 Liter : 2.5Kw / 11.4Amp
Level : 6 Level feet are installed

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