Admission Policy

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Sunglow International School - Admission Rules

Guidelines for parents of school children

* Parents are equally responsible for the safety of their children during school journeys.

* They must ensure that the mode of transport arranged by school or by themselves is absolutely safe.

* Parents must play the role of vigilant observes. They should note down violations committed by school buses and immediately report to the authorities. 

* Parents must participate in P.T.A. meetings and discuss the safety aspects of their children.

* While taking their children to school themselves, they should take proper care of their safety.

* Parents must ensure that the children acquire the right knowledge and skills for safe use of roads.

* Parents should not allow their minor children to drive.

* Parents must also ensure that the right attitude for a law abiding is imparted to their children by the family.

* Children are very good observers and therefore, parents must set an example by meticulously observing even small traffic rules.

* Remember safety of children must be the foremost priority of every parent.


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