Student Council Duties Responsibilities

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Duties Responsibilities of Student Officers & Prefects.

Section – 1 Duties of Head Girl/ Head Boy/ Deputy Head Girl/ Deputy Head Boy
1.    To show leadership to prefects and other pupils
2.    To be the Leader of the team of prefects
3.    To organize and monitor Prefect Duty rosters
4.    To start Assembly every morning
5.    To maintain proper order & discipline in campus.
6.    To organise a prefects’ meeting with the permission of Principal
7.     T organise one whole School Event per term. eg. Quiz, fun/sports event etc.
8.    To assist at Prize Giving and on Sports Day.
9.    To liaise closely with staff members and management of the school.
10.    To be an ex-officio member of School Council and to show leadership at School Council meetings
11.    To sit on all Council meetings
12.     To be present and take responsibilities on days of PTM, School Function on any other school events.
Section 2 : Duties of Games Captain/ Deputy Games Captain
1.    To work as part of the team of prefects
2.    To show leadership to other pupils
3.    To promote sport amongst the pupils
4.    To work closely with the Physical Education Staff
5.    To show leadership to captains of all sports teams
6.    To assist on Sports Day
7.    To prepare plan of various sports activities for the whole academic session with the help of PTI/ Coaches.
8.    To be present and take responsibilities on the days of PTM, school function and other school events.

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